We understand that people have a high level of anxiousness when purchasing products online, they are wary and scared as there are many fraudulent and scam websites out there just waiting to take your money. How we stop this?

We insist that every ecommerce solution we build comes with a security certificate or an SSL. This security cert makes it easier and safer for you to shop online. The cert simply holds your details and keep them safe until you have paid and basically it disappears, none of our clients run online stores without SSL certs which makes payments 100% safe.

Although some of our websites take payments through PayPal we always encourage to use stripe also for payments, stripe allows you to pay for products on the website by simply entering your credit card information. Stripe will simply not work without an SSL cert which makes it 100% safe for buyer and seller online.

Just make sure you always look for Secure/https:// in the url bar

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