If you don’t have an SSL Certificate on your website, which is that green lock up in the top URL bar, then Google will start flagging your website as unsafe to your users.

Starting this Summer Google will start marking websites un-safe, unsure of what this means then take a look at this image showing what will happen your website. Currently it shows nothing up in the URL bar just your website address if you have no SSL cert. But starting in June Google will show the following.

Pretty alarming? This tells your site visitors in a rather obvious way that Google identifies your website as Not Secured. Which is the case now!

Why get an SSL Cert? 

It basically protects against your site being attacked or hacked.

Identifies that your site is safe and secure and builds confidence in your site visitors.

Encrypts sensitive information, up to now any information on your website is easily accessed if not secured and with the new GDPR rules incoming on Friday 25th May, it’s time to secure your website.

Contact us today to get an SSL certificate on your website.  

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