A perfect logo can be the most simplest of designs. Simply the name in quality and recognisable font would be enough to represent your brand. A logo that is easily visible and read with ease will be more effective than one with loads of symbols and graphics.

KISS comes to mind here, Keep It Simple Stupid, A simple design for a logo can be way more effective and will power your brand.

Represent your business. In saying that you don’t need fancy graphics or symbols for a logo, most logos need to represent your brand/business. Below we have a look at a recent logo we designed for a First Aid Training website. We chose a strong red colour for the logo and theme of the website. The red represents first aid.















For most logos we design, we choose a colour (which will also represent the website theme), we choose a style of font, and sometimes we will choose a little symbol to maybe dot an i or cross a t.

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