So you know how nearly every human being uses Google chrome thus using Google search engine? Well now Google have introduced new rules on where your website will rank and how you rank higher on Google search results. Now SEO is a massive topic so I won’t run into that at all.

Im just here today to tell you that you might notice suddenly your not ahead of that annoying  competitor down the road on Google, your website might be older than his and you might be more popular than him but suddenly he is beating you on Google and quietly laughing behind your back!

It’s simply because he’s website is mobile responsive, what’s that mean? Well more and more people are using mobile phones in case you haven’t notice they are using them for searching the web now! So now Google have come up with a bright idea and are now penalising websites that are not responsive on the web! So quick grab your mobile phone and search your website to see if your responsive or not! If not it could cause problems down the line for you, your business and your website.

How to fix it? Well you simply need to upgrade to a mobile responsive website, this is not such an easy task! So its in your best interests and your business interests to update your website to be more mobile friendly as the guy says!

But more importantly to shut that noisy neighbour of yours up!


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