Did you know that if you are in business 1 year, have less than 10 employees, have turn over less than €2 million euro that you may be eligible for an online trading voucher!

What is an online trading voucher? 

In short terms it is a voucher giving to you to help you sell online, The Local Enterprise office will fund half of the cost of your online store up to €2,500. This is MASSIVE for businesses in Limerick, it gives small businesses the same chance as a bigger business in the online selling world.

So if you are looking to build your business online and start selling, you can apply for one of these vouchers!

Ways to Apply?

  • You can talk to us through our website and we can put you in touch with your Local Enterprise board.
  • Or you can apply through your LEO website which is found at this link

Why pay through the roof for a website when these fantastic resources are there at your fingertips! :)


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