So you have a website built by a designer and your wondering what to do next? Well Google ranking and SEO will take care of itself once done correctly by the designer. Within a couple of months you should be on page one. But why aren’t you getting business and sales from your website? Well it’s like buying a new Car it’s not going to go anywhere if you don’t put petrol into it.

A website is the very same, Boost it, market it, tell everyone, Shout it from the rooftops if you have to!! A website should be your business shop window online and like a physical shop window no one is going to know your there unless you tell them! We have a few ways for you to get your website out there as such!

  1. Social Media: Facebook, Boost a few posts on facebook telling people of your fantastic offers and products/services include a link in your FB post. Run a competition on Facebook, these can generate a massive organic reach, giveaway a few products, Go Mad!!
  2. Social Media: Twitter, Instagram  can help too but not as effective as facebook and Facebook Ads.
  3. Leaflets and Flyers: You can also go down the route of handing out leaflets and flyers, This tends to be a bit of a pain though as 50% might just bin the leaflet which is why Social Media is so powerful these days.
  4. AdWords: You can also use AdWords which will put your site automatically on page one for any keywords you like, you pay Google a budget every week to keep you up, We would only recommend this to online shops and eCommerce websites where they are selling products online.

So there’s a few tips right there for you on how to get your website out there!

One Final thought: Just don’t think that you can purchase a website off a designer and leave it there, never to promote it in anyway and expect to make sales off it!! It just ain’t GET OUT THERE AND SHOUT IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS!!


Peace out guys!


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