Firstly, let me ask you would you purchase a car and not service it? Why do it with your website? Allow me to introduce our NEW PRODUCT!

PRODUCT OF THE MONTH: As of today, we have rolled out website maintenance contracts. These contracts will detail exactly what we at O’Connor Web Design will do for you and how it will benefit your website and business.

THE PRICE: This will usually be agreed between both parties and will be a monthly payment. It will depend totally on the amount of hours that we work on your website a month. It will be affordable and budget based.

INCREASED SALES: By signing up to our website maintenance contract you are putting your website/business into our professional and capable hands. We will build your website from a growing bulb to a sparkling flower.

WHAT WE WILL DO FOR YOUR WEBSITE?: We will boost your Google ranking by keeping your website updated. We will run a blog on your website. We will track visitors and deliver monthly/weekly reports to you on how your website is doing. We will update your websites pages on your say so. We will include any graphic work banners etc needed for your website.

We will improve your website for the better!


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