Yes a website is a 100% MUST for any small business on the internet. Approx 78% of Irish people use the internet on a daily basis. Why miss out on all those potential customers for your business. A website is basically your business on the internet. Some of the benefits of having a website are:

  • OPEN 24HOURS, Yes your website is available to the public 24hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. So even when your asleep your business is OPEN on the internet.
  • A business without a website is a business without a face, most people when looking for a business or service will look on the web.
  • Ranking is EVERYTHING, Yes Ranking high on Google is the bread and butter of websites, Most people search for things on Google these days, YOU will want to be on PAGE ONE.
  • In the unlikely event that Facebook closes tomorrow, You will lose all your users, visitors, customers, however if you have a website they will still find you on the Internet.
  • Beating your competition is EVERYTHING, the sooner you get online, the better for you and the worse for your Competition!
  • ADVERTISING, Yes an obvious one, however Print Advertising is slowly dying, with WEB you can see exactly how many people you are reaching on a daily basis.

Your website should be, 100% Mobile Responsive, Set up properly for Google Ranking, Easy to use, Easy to read, Easy to Navigate and most importantly be YOU and YOUR BUSINESS.

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