Here a few basic Tips & Tricks that can keep you ahead of the opposition.

  1. A Strong Title name is always a must for any business website or online shop. Using your business’s name, main services & location are imperative in your Title tag, for example – Web Design Limerick | SEO Services Limerick
  2. A Meta Description backs up your title name, it is the block of text seen under your website’s name on Google. In here include your business, services & location again. Google will love ya!
  3. A Google plus page is also a help, also register your business with Google my Business!
  4. Having a strong presence on Facebook, Twitter and other Social Platforms also benefits your websites SEO.
  5. Submit your website to Google, Yahoo! & Bing.
  6. Sign up for a Google Analytics account & Webmasters account to track and analyse your site visitors on a weekly basis.

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