Social Media Management Limerick

Why Social Media?

When designing a new website for our clients, we suggest setting up Social Media accounts, if you don’t have them already. Why you may ask? In case you didn’t know since 2004 Facebook, Twitter & Instagram have grown so significantly that there are actually People running Businesses solely on them. So why don’t you join the fun and sign up for Social Accounts on 3 of the main sites – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Not only can you build customers from Word of Mouth, Email Marketing or your new website but you now can from Social Media Accounts. Exciting, we know!

I don’t have time for all that!

Don’t gots the time? No problem, Let our Social Media expert take over the running of your Social Media for as little as €30 a week! We will post up updates about your business, information about your business, fun things in general and basically whatever you ask us to put up! We can also advise you on how to build likes and followers. So whats you waiting for? Sign up with us today and let us build your online following and even increase your customers, for €30? That’s a steal!

Hang on, is there a contract?

Like our wonderful website maintenance, there is absolutely NO contract involved with our Social Media Management service. Cancel when you like? Now how fairer can we be?

We will also set your Social Media accounts up for you for a one time fee of €15.

Want to get started?

No Problem! Getting started is simple and easy! Contact one of our Team members at 0879384487 and we will be happy to get started on your Social Media Management…

Let the fun begin!