FAQ What you need to know!

What is a domain name and hosting?

A domain name is the name of your website (www.yourwebsite.ie). This is the name that represents your website, it is located up the top of your internet page in the url. It can be either your company name, personal name or a SEO targeted name e.g www.carpentrygalway.com. Web Hosting is a service provided by a company, they basically host your domain name on a server. This provides you with a website holding page. A website can then be created by us. (Web Hosting & Domain name can usually cost around €180 for the year)

How much does a website cost? 

Website costs depend on a few variables. The amount of content, pages and features that are involved in your websites. E-commerce packages are considerably more than a normal brochure website. Our prices start at €400 for a one-page website(subject to terms).

How long does it take to complete a website?

Again, this depends on what your website consists of. This also depends on how long it takes you to provide us with content for your website. If content is provided day 1 for a one-page website, then it would take us 2 days to complete your website. Bigger websites will take longer.

Do I need to provide you anything before my website is built?

There can be a few things that we may need from you. Before the website can be built we do require a deposit(agreed between the two parties) and a contract signed. (can be written or verbal). Then we can commence the build of your website. Either during or after the build we will need content to input into content areas on your website. Once signed off full payment or the rest of payment is required.

Can I add images and edit pages myself? 

Yes you can, We provide you with the easy to use WordPress backend. We provide with an hour training and a manual to edit the website. However, We do offer website maintenance at €65 per hour.

How much is a logo?

A Logo costs €150. For this you will receive 2 different revisions of a new logo for you to pick from. We will deliver watermarked images to you before payment. The once you are happy with it you can pay us and we will send you all the relevant file formats. e.g PSD, AI Files aswell as PNG images etc. We will also deliver you different sizes that you will need, for e.g Letterheads, Facebook Profile picture and cover, Twitter etc.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, it is an on going process that your website needs to boost Google rankings and get ahead of your competitor. It is a process of tactics used by us to help you increase in the rankings on the top search engines. We provide you with a task list and complete it for you.

Does an SEO process cost much?

This is also difficult to put a price on as it depends on many things. Your competitor, your standing as it is, your website, your backend on your website. Numerous other factors must be considered.

    •  5 hours per month – €199 *Special Offer
    • 7 hours per month – €325
    • 10 hours per month – €450

    Most websites don’t require more than 10 hours of SEO work a month.


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